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Critigen Rebrands as Locana Leading a New Era in Location Intelligence

By Eric Van Rees - 31st January 2022 - 13:16

Critigen, an international provider of spatial technology, announced it has rebranded as Locana, communicating an expanded vision of location intelligence as well as accelerated plans for product and service offerings.

The company’s new name brings together the roots Locus—a place or locality—and Ana—a collection of information on a place, building on decades of market leadership with geospatial technologies while reflecting the company’s broader mission to help clients with everything location.

Forrester Research estimated that 36 percent of large-and mid-size organizations are expected to deploy location intelligence software by the end of 2022, up from ten percent in 20191. In fact, industry analysts have cited the entry of a “golden age” of location intelligence2, forged from rapidly increasing data collection and capture from a myriad of sources, including sensors, employee tablets, fleet vehicles, infrastructure assets, and consumer applications. It’s estimated that more than 143 million users engage with mobile navigation apps on any given day.3

“We are living in a world that runs on location data—from everyday tasks like getting directions; to strategic business decisions; to tackling the most pressing social, environmental and health challenges of our time,” said Locana Chief Executive Officer Jeff Haight. “Locana has been a pioneer in putting location to work since GIS first emerged as a promising tool for managing critical infrastructure and resources. However, that was just a prelude to the role geographic science and location intelligence can play in every sector of the global economy. Our name change reflects our commitment to lead this new era.”

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