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Critical Communications Russia 2019

By [email protected] - 16th February 2019 - 12:14

ComNews Group was endorsed by TCCA is happy to invite you and your colleagues to take part in the 7th Federal Conference “Critical Communications Russia: Digital technologies to ensure communication and security of state, society, business”.

Date and location: April 18, 2019, Hilton Garden Inn Hotel Moscow Krasnoselskaya (11a, bld. 4 Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya Str., Moscow).

The important guarantee of the sustainable development of the state, society and business became innovative digital technologies and services, integrated control, management and security systems that retain the key functionality in any emergency situations. Modern communications systems have a number of advantages, including high connection speed, high quality of information transfer, and high level of security. Therefore, in the past few years the Critical Communications industry has expanded its field of activities and objectives, covering many areas of information, communication and other digital technologies.

At the present stage one of the tasks of Critical Communications is to create strong Russian electronics industry and saturate the market with high-tech products, both domestic and localized. Ensuring the quality and safety of communications as well as creating complexes of digital intelligent objects and systems that provide round-the-clock monitoring, instant and effective response is the relevant subject of discussion in the critical communications industry. An integral part of such systems are innovative digital technologies and services that allow critical data collecting, transmitting, storing, and processing.

The Critical Communications Russia conference will give place to discuss issues of developing and introducing new technologies of professional mobile radio communication, satellite communications and navigation, the intelligent systems of facilities monitoring and remote control, ensuring public safety at big events and industrial facilities, creating the governor situational centers, transmitting warning signals and emergency information in case of a natural and man-made emergencies, implementing system that ensure emergency response services universal 112 dial in the territorial entities of the Russian Federation, etc.

Main topics of the conference:

  • Innovative digital technologies of the professional mobile radio (PMR) industry
  • Trends in the development of modern radio technologies
  • Import substitution of ICT equipment for critical communication systems
  • Development of broadband PMR systems and their integration into existing narrowband networks
  • eLTE, LTE PMR and other broadband trunking solutions
  • Convergence of PMR and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies
  • TETRA and LTE integration: building hybrid networks for the combined use of narrowband and broadband services
  • Satellite systems and navigation for emergency response systems tasks
  • Intelligent monitoring and remote control systems using secure communication channels for transferring data from mobile and stationary objects
  • Intelligent video surveillance and pattern recognition systems
  • Secure solutions for intelligence services and rapid response services
  • Warning systems: integration and interaction of warning systems of various levels, further development prospects of the National Integrated Population Notification and Warning System
  • System of distributed situation centers as a basis for digital transformation of public administration
  • Situation center as a universal tool for management and control of the vital activities of the subjects of the Russian Federation
  • Development of hardware and software systems of the “Safe City” complex until 2020
  • From System 112 to safe region: streamlining the creation and development of integrated security systems
  • Centralization of critical communications between intelligence services as a driver for the digital ecosystem development

More information about the forum is on the official website:

ComNews invites all interested representatives of Russian corporations from all economy sectors, developers of digital solutions, participants of professional and critical communications market, representatives of regulators in the field of innovative development, telecommunications and information technologies, civil protection and emergency response, operational services, unified duty dispatch services, situation centers, etc. to participate in the work of Critical Communications Russia 2019 conference, in order to discuss several topical issues of the development and application of innovative digital technologies that are critically important for the state, society and business.

Welcome to the conference on April 18, 2019!

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