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By Eric Van Rees - 27th July 2023 - 09:06

Visitors to York Maze will find this year’s amazing maize maze, even more challenging thanks to the accuracy of a KOREC supplied Trimble TDC650 handheld GNSS.

York Maze, Maze Master Tom Pearcy, has created another fantastic maze using over 1 million maize plants in an area larger than 8 Wembley football pitches, making it the largest maze in Britain and one of the biggest in the world!

Over the years, Tom has tackled many themes from Star Wars to Lego and Roald Dahl to Mr Men, all using a KOREC supplied Trimble Geo Explorer with its 0.5m accuracy. However, this year, Tom has upped the ante and opted for a handheld Trimble TDC650 (scalable positioning from metre to centimetres). The incredible result is a complex maize tribute to Tutankhamun to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his tomb being discovered. Tom has been delighted with the results:

"The TDC has been great for mapping out the maze, it holds its accuracy all day long, and it didn't lose its connection for the whole time we used it, something the previous models could be prone to. The accuracy allows us to create ever more complex mazes, that look truly amazing from the sky !! "

A couple of years ago, Tom revealed exactly how the maize magic happens.

“We’ve come a long way since our first creation in 2002. Back then our mazes were based on just lines and circles drawn onto graph paper and in the field, we used sticks and strings to set out the design, a time-consuming exercise which could take two weeks or more.

Today the process is much more straightforward. Our theme is designed in a basic drawing package and then uploaded onto our Trimble handheld GNSS. We then go out into the maize field and effectively create the biggest dot to dot in the world!

Using the map on the handheld, I plot out the design amongst the 6” high maize plants, marking the points as I go, whilst a cultivator follows on behind.”

This year saw Tom cut over 5km of pathways into the 15 acre field to create the ‘iconic’ image of King Tut.

York’s maize maze is open from Sat 15 July - Mon 4 Sept 2023 and you can book tickets here.

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