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Copernicus App Lab’s Earth Observation Data Tools Ready for Developers

By [email protected] - 17th April 2018 - 12:55

Unprecedented linked open data tools are now ready for testing in the Copernicus App Lab online beta phase. Participants can use the tools for free to get easy access to Earth observation (EO) data from the European Copernicus programme and link it with other data sources. The Copernicus App Lab’s overall objective is to support the creation of value-added EO applications.

Oberpfaffenhofen, 17 April 2018 – Today the beta versions of the Copernicus App Lab streaming data library and linked open data tools have been launched. They offer easy access to EO data. The developers with the best ideas how to use the tools in a mobile app will be rewarded with a wildcard to attend the ESA’s Space App Camp in 2018 (with their travel and accommodation costs fully covered).

Copernicus App Lab connects Copernicus data with other data sources
Copernicus, the European Union's EO programme, provides valuable information about our planet for the benefit of its citizens. Thanks to the Copernicus App Lab’s linked open data tools, those interested can connect this data with other information on administrative areas, land cover, river networks, and much more. This makes it possible to develop novel EO-based applications and services while improving utilisation of the data in question.

An ideal development environment for EO-based mobile applications
The Copernicus App Lab offers intuitive tools the mobile developer community can use to augment Copernicus data with a broad range of cross-domain datasets through advanced data access protocols. In this process, advanced analytics are also available to help combine sets of linked data, answer questions, and generate information for applications. Furthermore, semantically enhanced metadata makes it easy to locate the exact data needed, and prototyping is much faster thanks to the option to reuse area-specific expertise based on corresponding ontologies.

To get users involved from an early stage, mobile developers are now being invited to test the Copernicus App Lab linked data tools and services and share their experiences with the international Copernicus App Lab consortium, which consists of the following partners: AZO, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (UoA), Terradue Srl, RAMANI, and VITO.

Copernicus App Lab tools enrich winning Space App Camp application 2017

The developer team Limoncello makes use of augmented reality and data provided by the Copernicus programme in its latest creation, AiR. This iOS app displays an interactive projection of the world that shows users information about the cities and landmarks they fly over, without disruptions like clouds or the plane itself getting in the way. In 2017, AiR won the sixth edition of the ESA Space App Camp.

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