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Compusult Awarded NATO Core GIS Incr. 3 Contract

By [email protected] - 8th September 2018 - 11:36

The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) Awards Upgrade of Geographical Information Service Increment 3 (Core GIS Incr. 3) Contract to Compusult Limited. -- Compusult will provide NATO with an upgraded and advanced state-of- the-art geospatial capability for mission, business and functional content that is effective and efficient for users within the NATO enterprise.

Mount Pearl, NL, Canada - September 6, 2018: Recognized internationally for its advanced, standards-based geospatial data management solutions, Compusult Limited is pleased to announce it has been selected by NCI Agency to deliver the “Upgrade of Geographical Information Service Increment 3 (Core GIS Incr. 3)” project. Core GIS Incr. 3 represents the third increment of NATO’s Core GIS capability and will provide state-of-the-art geospatial information services to ensure the most effective geospatial data management, geospatial support and geospatial services provision in the NATO enterprise to the geospatial community of interest (COI) as well as consumers/users and NATO’s C4ISR/C3 capabilities.

NATO Core GIS Incr. 3 will enhance geospatial services, improve interoperability, and provide state-of-the-art geospatial search, discovery and retrieval. The main functionalities provided through this project, besides a lifecycle upgrade of the current Core GIS software, include:

  • integrating robust geospatial information and related metadata management tools to maintain geospatial information superiority across the Alliance;
  • enhancing GIS functionality available to geospatial staff in the NATO Command Structure (NCS) to display, collect, convert, store, retrieve, process, analyse, and create/distribute geospatial data and products; and,
  • providing enhanced centralized geospatial web services.

NATO Core GIS Incr. 3 will incorporate Compusult's turnkey, commercial off-the-shelf software solution, Web Enterprise Suite (WES), as a core aspect of the geospatial information management and services and provides the overall solution for providing new and augmenting existing services.WES provides standards-based geospatial data discovery, access, retrieval, exploitation, dissemination and collaboration, and is the most comprehensive location-based data discovery and management solution currently available. WES supports integration of multi-source geospatial information management and services and provides enhanced software components that subscribe to new and updated international specifications/standards and allows users to search, view, assemble and obtain data and services for a particular area of interest without needing to know how the data and services are stored and maintained. WES is designed to provide organizations with the ability to deliver a complete geospatial solution that includes encompassing all geospatial/ non-geospatial assets.

Combined with WES, NATO Core GIS Incr. 3 will deliver on-demand geospatial data and products to the required operational environments with commercial performance and reliability. This will enhance NATO’s ability to use and apply location-based information. Integrating WES technology into NATO’s operational geospatial platform will greatly enhance NATO’s geospatial capability contributing to maintaining geospatial information superiority.

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