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CompassData Appoints Kate Schlatter as New CEO

By Eric Van Rees - 17th February 2023 - 07:48

CompassData announced that Kate Schlatter has been appointed its new CEO, effective immediately.

Ms. Schlatter brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the new position that the Board is confident will lead CompassData to new heights. She also serves as CEO of CompassDrone, a CompassData company.

CompassData Inc. has the largest global archive of Ground Control Points (GCPs) – 65,000 and counting – available for immediate purchase, which can be used for orthorectification, airport mapping, data verification, and sensor calibration. CompassData offers services based around accuracy, including imagery, lidar, data acquisition, and value creation to geospatial data. CompassDrone, a CompassData company, expands the services to drone hardware sales, consulting, and data processing.

At CompassData, Ms. Schlatter will be responsible for leading the company's overall strategy and growth. She will collaborate closely with the team to develop and implement new products, services, and solutions. With a primary focus of expanding the company’s reach and customer base.

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