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CompassCom Releases Upgraded Telematics Platform with Enhanced Situational Awareness for Asset Tracking and Fleet Management

By Eric Van Rees - 11th July 2023 - 17:14

CompassCom Software has released Version 8.2 of the CompassCom GIS-centric hybrid telematics platform that can be deployed on premises or in the cloud for real-time asset tracking and comprehensive fleet management.

The new version offers enhanced ease of use and more robust analytics and reporting functionality for safer, more efficient and secure fleet operations.

Developed on Esri ArcGIS technology and now supporting JavaScript 4.0, the CompassCom telematics software platform is used worldwide to track the real-time locations and status of personnel, vehicles, and other mobile assets. The platform is relied upon by critical infrastructure work forces – including public works and public safety offices – as well as departments of transportation and national government security agencies.

“Building on our 29 years as an Esri Business Partner, we have leveraged the full range of GIS capabilities in Version 8.2 to deliver superior situational awareness related to the safety of personnel and efficient operations of vehicles,” said CompassCom CEO Brant Howard. “Customized alerts and dashboards provide fleet managers with the information they need to make better decisions in real time.”

The flexible CompassCom telematics platform receives location and status data from any GPS-equipped vehicle, handheld device, or high-value asset and serves that information in real-time to a GIS map display or an interactive dashboard. Live alerts give managers instant insight into fleet activities for better decision making, while real-time vehicle performance analytics and reporting enable fine tuning of operational efficiencies.

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