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Commercial Drone Opportunities & Regulation across Europe in 2017

By [email protected] - 10th February 2017 - 14:15

“100,000 jobs” “€10 billion in economic impact per year” “The most disruptive technology we’ve seen in a long time”

Those are the headlines. But what are the opportunities and challenges as commercial drone integration progresses in Europe?

Without a doubt, there’s tremendous potential for UAS in Europe in industries including construction, precision agriculture, process & utilities, mining & aggregates, law enforcement, surveying & mapping and civil infrastructure. How this market will take shape in Europe is directly related to the way in which regulatory issues play out.

Learn about the progress toward a pan-EU legislative framework, the challenge of integration with manned aviation, privacy and risk issues and more in the this free report: Commercial Drone Opportunities & Regulation across Europe in 2017.

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