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Cobham SATCOM announces strategic partnership with Hypha by Wireless Innovation

By Eric Van Rees - 24th March 2022 - 11:09

Cobham SATCOM, the provider of radio and satellite communication solutions to the maritime and land markets, has announced its strategic partnership with Hypha by Wireless Innovation, to enable resilient critical communications solutions.

Mission-critical operations that solely rely on legacy Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks with narrowband voice only can put the lives of citizens, first responders, and field workers in utility, oil, and gas operations at risk. This danger is particularly true in remote areas, where ‘not spots’ – places with little or no radio reception – limit communication and hamper mission execution. Yet the problem can arise anywhere following outages resulting from wide-scale disaster or telecommunications system failure. Beyond questions of coverage and resilience, narrowband LMR simply does not have the capacity to support rich cloud-based application capabilities required for powerful command and control solutions.

The PRISM solution provided by Cobham and Hypha provides a multi-layered full digital solution extending coverage of existing LMR networks using a combination of LTE and Satellite to ensure highly reliable connectivity beyond the edge of deployed network coverage. By applying the PRISM routing capabilities that maintain connectivity over the most affordable link available, end-users gain resilient, cost-effective connectivity regardless of LMR or cellular terrestrial coverage limitations. Add to that a ubiquitous layer of data connectivity enabling innovative enterprise workflows and incident command systems. All in support of customers’ cost-effective transition from classical LMR to encrypted mobile voice and data support independent of the availability of a bespoke trunk network.

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