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CNH Deploys Tallysman Verachoke Geodetic Reference Station Antennas

By Eric Van Rees - 26th January 2022 - 06:38

Tallysman Wireless announced that Case New Holland (CNH) has selected the Tallysman VeraChoke antenna for the modernization of its high-precision European Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) network.

Michiel Jochims, CNH Industrial RTK Manager EMEA: “The objective of the GNSS antenna update is to enable the tracking of all GNSS constellations and signals, thus improving the robustness, convergence time, and accuracy of positioning within CNH Industrials’ European RTK network. At this stage, with only 25 stations updated, we are delighted to observe a significant performance improvement. We look forward to continuing the network update and bringing enhanced positioning to all of our European customers.”

Temo Wubbena, CEO of Geo++ : “We are pleased to support the update and upgrade of CNH Industrial’s European RTK network. After detailed analysis, we have recommended Tallysman’s VeraChoke® antenna to CNH Industrial. It provides excellent multipath suppression and repeatability of PCV and Group Delay Variation (GDV), making it an ideal antenna for GNSS reference networks”

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