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CHC Navigation launches the version 8 of its Landstar Field Data Collection Software

By Eric Van Rees - 3rd December 2022 - 09:21

CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) released LandStar8, a Field Surveying and Mapping application for Android devices.

LandStar8 is a versatile, modular and customizable software for topographic tasks such as surveying, stake out, cadastral, mapping and GIS. Building on the legacy of LandStar7, the new LandStar8 brings many new features such as a refined user interface, streamlined workflows, even faster operation and integrated cloud services.

“With LandStar8, we want to provide our users with unprecedented field experience like never before. LandStar8’s modular design allows users to customize the interface according to their usage habits, making it easier and more efficient for field crews to work.” said Rachel Wang, Product Manager of CHC Navigation’s Surveying and Engineering Division. "We also built more cloud connectivity into the software. Whether it is backup, data storage or remote technical support, users can connect to their data anytime, anywhere."

Simplified interface layout to make surveyor’s life easier

LandStar 8 has a simple and intuitive layout with large map windows and sharp graphics. Users can hide features they rarely use and display only those they use on a daily basis, making the interface more straightforward and easier to use. LandStar8 is a flexible and user-friendly field software for surveying and mapping tasks.

Start surveying in a matter of seconds On LandStar8, it is easy to copy coordinate settings, control and staking points from another handheld controller by scanning a QR code. Projects are easily edited and sorted by history and attributes. Custom coordinate systems, geoid models, and coding libraries can be updated at any time by using resource packages. LandStar8 also features a terrain calibration wizard designed specifically for non-expert users.

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