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CHC Navigation introduces the i83 IMU-RTK GNSS Receiver

By Eric Van Rees - 7th April 2022 - 12:30

CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) announced the availability of the i83 GNSS receiver, a new and innovative addition to its premium GNSS receiver series for surveying, mapping and construction professionals.

The i83 GNSS is powered by 1408-channel multi-band GNSS, the latest iStar technology, and a calibration-free, high-end IMU sensor for faster and reliable field GNSS surveying.

The third-generation high-gain antenna with the latest advanced CHCNAV iStar algorithm improves GNSS satellite signal tracking efficiency by over 30%. The i83 GNSS receiver features 1408 GNSS channels for unparalleled performance across GPS, Glonass, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS constellations. The i83's onboard GNSS technology delivers centimeter-level positioning, maintains reliable fixed RTK accuracy, and collects points faster than ever before, even in demanding conditions.

The i83 GNSS' built-in IMU automatically compensates for pole tilt, increasing surveying, engineering and mapping efficiency by 30% over conventional GNSS RTK surveying methods. In less than 5 seconds, the 200 Hz inertial module is initialized to ensure survey-grade accuracy over a pole tilt range of up to 30 degrees. Productivity is dramatically increased, RTK usability greatly improved, and potential human error reduced, whether you are an engineer, site foreman or surveyor.

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