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CGG’s Dan Hampson and Brian Russell Honored

By [email protected] - 17th April 2019 - 13:27

CGG’s Dan Hampson and Brian Russell Honored at the GSH-SEG Spring Symposium

Paris, France – April 16, 2019 -- Dan Hampson and Brian Russell from GeoSoftware, part of CGG’s Geoscience Division, are being honored for their groundbreaking achievements in geophysics by the Geophysical Society of Houston and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists at their jointly sponsored 2019 GSH-SEG Spring Symposium and Exhibition being held in Houston this week.

The theme of this year’s GSH-SEG Symposium, held from 16-17 April in Houston, USA, is ‘The Resurgence of Seismic Inversion’. Brian Russell will speak at the event about the ‘History of Inversion’ while Jon Downton, Senior Research Advisor for CGG GeoSoftware, will give a technical talk on the latest innovations in ‘Machine Learning Inversion’. GeoSoftware’s HampsonRussell Emerge technology has implemented machine learning methods for over 20 years to address complex geological challenges. It now delivers deep learning in the form of Deep Feed-forward Neural Networks for more detailed prediction of reservoir properties.

Dan and Brian founded Hampson-Russell Software in 1987 and, as vice presidents within CGG GeoSoftware, continue to guide its strategy and the development of reservoir characterization software. Brian Russell is an internationally recognized expert in seismic inversion, amplitude variation with offset (AVO), and seismic attribute analysis, and provides training courses on these subjects throughout the world. Dan is the originator of several innovations in the field of seismic processing, including the Generalized Linear Inverse approach to refraction statics analysis and the Parabolic Radon Transform noise and multiple attenuation algorithm. He is currently investigating the use of Deep Neural Networks to enhance and extend the inversion process.

Kamal al-Yahya, Senior Vice President, GeoSoftware & Smart Data Solutions, said: “Throughout their long careers, Brian and Dan have shown unstinting dedication to innovation and the advancement of our geophysical industry. They generously give of their time and expertise to important industry organizations and the wider geoscience community and thoroughly deserve the recognition they receive.”
Colin Murdoch, Executive Vice President, GeoScience, CGG, said: “On behalf of CGG, I would like to congratulate Brian and Dan on being the honorees at the GSH-SEG Spring Symposium. Throughout their long and distinguished careers they have made outstanding contributions to our industry and shown a true, inspirational passion for the advancement of geophysics.”

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