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CGG GeoConsulting Launches Robertson New Ventures Suite

By [email protected] - 21st May 2018 - 11:29

CGG GeoConsulting Launches Robertson New Ventures Suite to Accelerate Exploration Efforts

Paris, France – May 21, 2018

CGG GeoConsulting has launched the Robertson New Ventures Suite, an integrated and digitally transformed family of exploration-focused geoscience tools and databases that offer clients a competitive edge in global new ventures screening and frontier exploration.

The six core products of the Robertson New Ventures Suite are Basins & Plays, Geochemistry, Plate Kinematics, Predictions, Provenance and Analogues. Built on the trusted brands of Tellus, Frogi, Plate Wizard, Merlin+, ProvBase and ERGO, the updated products have been integrated and re-named as part of GeoConsulting’s ongoing GeoVerseTM digitalization program that is providing a common architecture and taxonomy across the New Ventures Suite, allowing for optimum interoperability and a broad range of exploration workflows.

New Ventures teams can make quicker and more effective decisions by using this unique product suite to interrogate one of the industry’s richest sources of geoscience data and knowledge. Whether licensing the whole suite or individual components, Exploration teams can access these integrated databases to better identify, understand, evaluate and de-risk emerging opportunities and plays so they can acquire the right acreage and increase their success rates.

Together with CGG’s library of over 650 Robertson Studies (Red Books), the Robertson New Ventures Suite complements CGG’s extensive multi-client offering that includes its global Seep Explorer product, comprehensive gravity and magnetics database, GeoSpec enhanced legacy data, integrated JumpStart™ geoscience packages and extensive high-end library of seismic data, all of which can be found

Sophie Zurquiyah, CEO, CGG, said: “In today’s business environment, easy access to reliable, high-quality geoscience information is of paramount importance for time-pressured and resource-constrained new ventures and exploration teams. GeoConsulting has digitally transformed its Robertson geological multi-client library to help existing and new clients leverage the full value of its treasure trove of globally consistent data sets and analytical tools to inform and support their new ventures, screening and exploration programs.”

Image: A cloud of locations for data and analyses from component products of the Robertson New Ventures Suite, a collection of global geoscience tools to support a wide range of new ventures and exploration activity (image courtesy of CGG GeoConsulting).

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