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CGG Delivers New Multi-Client Screening Study for Lithium Brines

By Eric Van Rees - 30th March 2022 - 11:08

CGG has released a new GeoVerse Lithium Brine Screening study to support the search for new sources of this critical energy transition element.

The global study, supported by industry funding and available for license, provides a data-rich screening tool to enable explorers, operators, investors and extraction technology companies to discover, evaluate and compare lithium brine opportunities.

Dechun Lin, EVP, Multi-Client, CGG, said: “Our Lithium Brine Screening study is the latest module in our exciting new suite of GeoVerse products in our Earth Data Library designed to support the energy transition. CGG is continuing to focus its geoscience data, know-how and data science expertise on addressing the challenges in the fields of geothermal energy, critical mineral exploration and carbon and energy storage.”

The Lithium Brine Screening study and supporting primary data is delivered though the GeoVerse platform and leverages CGG’s unique Earth Data Library, as well as its extensive experience in geothermal and mineral systems. Experts from CGG’s Minerals & Mining team developed a proprietary methodology to evaluate more than 250,000 datapoints and 27,000 lithium measurements to create a comprehensive and consistent water chemistry database, supplemented by key engineering and geochemical characteristics, to help inform project development and investment decisions.

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