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Centrik Helps Business Take Off For Self-Regulating UAS Operators

By [email protected] - 14th October 2016 - 16:36

14 October 2016 - UAS operators concerned by growing calls over regulation of the sector can now hold the key to successful self-regulation, thanks to operational management system Centrik.

Already used by airlines, operators, airports and regulators worldwide, Centrik is now available for unmanned operators who require robust, high-quality management systems built on a firm aviation foundation.

David Hunkin, Head of Business Development at Centrik, says: “The UK CAA leads the world in UAS regulation with its ‘light touch’ approach. But if this framework is to deliver a balance of freedom and competence, we must ensure the UAS sector sets robust standards for itself, and that means adopting best practice from manned aviation where appropriate. Centrik brings that rigour to the UAS sector and its adoption will allow operators to differentiate their business while reassuring regulators and clients of their competence and safety.”

Fully CAP 7220-compliant and developed by UAS and aviation professionals who understand the importance of safety in the sky, Centrik ensures that UAS operations are of the highest standard.

Accessible online via smartphone, tablet or computer, with offline app access, Centrik incorporates a variety of scalable modules including Safety, Risk, Compliance and Training, designed to provide complete intuitive control.

The system is ideal for operators providing UAS services in highly regulated industry sectors such as engineering, oil and gas and agriculture, where demonstrating competence and compliance are essential in securing contracts.

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