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Canadian Underground Infrastructure Mapping Forum: April 29-30

By Eric Van Rees - 16th April 2021 - 06:26

Canada's Underground Infrastructure Mapping Forum, or CUF as it is popularly coming to be known as, will demonstrate why knowing the location of underground energy infrastructure is critical for national security, for disaster planning and management, for public safety, and for economic efficiency.

Statistics show that in Canada, the annual number of incidents of underground damage during construction is flat or slowly increasing. In the last few years, public and private organizations around the world are beginning to implement policies, procedures, and technologies to reduce underground utility damage during excavation. Recent ground-breaking innovations in detection and mapping are now making it possible to detect, capture, and share survey-grade location information about underground infrastructure among construction stakeholders.

Known 3D and underground expert Geoff Zeiss brings together a community of fellow professionals on innovations in underground detection and mobile and cloud solutions for reality capture and data sharing, and updates on policies and regulations that are dramatically changing how location information about underground infrastructure is captured and shared.

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