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Campfire Emerges From Stealth With Unique Holographic Collaboration System for Professional 3D Design Workflows

By Eric Van Rees - 28th April 2021 - 04:46

Campfire emerged from stealth after years of research and development with a new integrated system for 3D/CAD/CAM workflows that enables holographic collaboration, combining both augmented and virtual reality into a new methodology for product design.

Campfire has currently raised more than $8M in seed funding from OTV, Kli Capital, Tuesday Capital, and others and expects to ship with commercial availability targeted for Fall of 2021.

Campfire combines proprietary devices and applications built on a foundation of more than 60 patents to deliver an unmatched collaborative experience never before seen in any current-generation VR or ARbased solution. This new approach complements existing 3D workflows for massive productivity gains in developing everything from consumer goods to industrial products.

The Campfire system is already being used by frog design, the industry leader in industrial design and a Campfire development partner, along with a select group of forward-thinking companies.

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