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Calculating Sand Bulk Volume of Sand Barge using LiDAR

By [email protected] - 1st July 2019 - 12:38

River sand has become a hot commodity in recent years, thanks to the booming construction industry throughout Asia. seeking a better solution that would allow them to quickly and accurately measure the volume of sand barge cargo load in various operating environments has became very urgent.

Working closely with the clients and after many field tests, GVI developed an alternative solution which better meets the clients’ need: using GVI LiBackpack D50 to scan the cargo load; then directly measuring the sand volume from the LiBackpack-produced point cloud data using GVI LiDAR360 software.

Key Benefits of LiBackpack and LiDAR360 for Volume Measurement

  • Easy operation: Quick set up and easy operation to collect data and measure volumes.
  • Flexible scanning environment: compatible with most scanning environments including those where aerial solution and photogrammetry solution are not possible, for example, no-fly zone and at night time.
  • Fast and accurate measurement: streamlined workflow and automatic volume measurement tools in LiDAR360 deliver accurate volume measurement results in minutes.

One cargo load with known volume was used for accuracy assessment. The LiBackpack and LiDAR360 workflow above was used to measure the sand bulk volume for three times and an average value was calculated. All four values were compared with the known volume value provided by client. The accuracy assessment result (showed above) shows that volume measurement differences are less than 5% and distance measurement differences less than 0.05m, which are within client’s error tolerance.

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