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Bringing location to life at the GeoPlace conference

By [email protected] - 25th March 2019 - 12:56

Over 450 people will attend this year’s GeoPlace annual conference which takes place in the City of London on 9th May 2019.

Attendees will be from central government and the emergency services as well as from the councils who are responsible for creating and maintaining the address and street information that goes into creating AddressBase, the UK’s most definitive address data containing nearly 43 million addresses and the OS MM Highways Network, with over 1.3 million streets.

Speakers at the conference will demonstrate how they use local authority address and street data to:

  • save lives in the fire and police services
  • protect citizens and prevent fraud
  • enable Streetworks notifications
  • support utility works
  • understand the location and proximity of local services to citizens
  • analyse how effectively government policy is implemented
  • collect Census data
  • support council services in refuse and recycling, resolve day-to-day issues that affect citizens, provide tailored services to citizens, improve the services that people get from their council
  • underpin the public rights of right network.

Nick Chapallaz, Managing Director of GeoPlace said: “Excellent addressing and accurate street data has the power to transform people’s lives. This may be in the form of information to define last-mile deliveries and services nationwide. It may be in the form of confident planning; policy-making at all levels; complex risk analysis or simple connections between datasets that identify who needs which level of support, where, and when”.

“The work that we do with our partners delivers the data that can lead to greater profitability and increased productivity for all. We deliver the location information that's underpinning the UK's digital economy and secures the transformation of public services with confidence. We believe everyone can benefit from the power of location data. Our conference in May will feature speakers, suppliers and visualisations who use precise place data to really bring location to life.”

Exemplar Awards will be presented to the winners of GeoPlace annual Awards for innovation and data quality. The conference is supported by a 20 strong exhibition from suppliers to local government, who are there to meet existing customers and impress future ones.

The conference agenda is available at

A few exhibition spaces are still available, contact [email protected].

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