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Blue Marble Geographics Releases Global Mapper and Global Mapper Pro version 23.1

By Eric Van Rees - 23rd February 2022 - 10:05

Blue Marble Geographics announced the immediate availability of version 23.1 of Global Mapper and Global Mapper Pro.

These two programs within the Global Mapper suite of GIS tools offer a comprehensive GIS solution to any expert or novice user.

Global Mapper and Global Mapper Pro are developed in tandem by the Blue Marble team, with Global Mapper offering tools for general GIS processing of any data type, and the Pro edition expanding the program’s functionality for drone data processing, point cloud creation, analysis, and more.

Enhanced 3D data creation and visualization in Global Mapper 23.1 includes the creation of a 3D mesh representing the viewshed radius as a hemisphere and the ability to display lines as simulated cylindrical pipe features. In a continued effort to expand and improve existing tools in the Global Mapper program, version 23.1 supports additional spatial transforms in the user interface of the Spatial Operations tool, serving as a one-stop tool for the complex spatial analysis of vector features in Global Mapper.

The freely available Global Mapper Mobile app pairs with the Global Mapper desktop program to bring data into the field for reference and GPS-enabled data collection. In Global Mapper 23.1, a new tool for wireless data transfer to Global Mapper Mobile streamlines the interaction between Global Mapper and the mobile app by offering a single tool for creating packages of data and wirelessly transferring them to nearby mobile devices.

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