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Blacksky Presses International Momentum With Back-To-Back Contracts For Legacy Ministry Of Defense Customer

By Eric Van Rees - 30th October 2023 - 08:09

BlackSky Technology won two back-to-back contracts from a legacy international defense ministry customer to continue on-demand, real-time high-frequency imagery and analytics services and conduct research on future multi-sensor space capabilities.

“BlackSky has built an unparalleled space-based intelligence platform that pushes the strategic advantage of foresight to the tactical edge within this customer’s region of interest on a daily basis,” said Brian O’Toole, BlackSky CEO.

“With the confidence of secure, low-latency tasking-to-delivery of high-resolution imagery and analytics, our customers can call on strategic space assets to inform live operations across the full spectrum of military missions in their area of interest,” O’Toole added.

BlackSky delivers thousands of high-resolution images and analytics every month to organizations worldwide, delivering transparency and insights into border crossings, nuclear and port facilities, and other economically critical infrastructure at scale.

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