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By Eric Van Rees - 1st December 2023 - 08:46

Eagle 3D Streaming and are teaming up to provide a geospatial 3D Digital Twin that can be experienced in any web browser.

This collaboration is relevant and good news for many companies and industries, as it allows everyone to experience any location on the surface of the globe in photorealistic 3D in every web browser based on Eagle 3D Streaming’s pixel streaming technology.

Eagle 3D Streaming enables the global deployment of Unreal Game Engine based applications within minutes through their self-serve pixel streaming platform. specializes in generating a real-time, realistic, and semantic 3D digital twin of the entire planet. The digital twin of the world experienced via the Globe Plugin for Unreal Engine leveraging can now be seamlessly streamed through the Eagle’s platform. With its flexibility and unique feature updates, Eagle 3D Streaming ensures high visualization quality during the data streaming process. This collaboration allows customers using the digital twin platform to experience a realistic view without any delays or compromises. This integration provides benefits such as real-time visualization, high-quality visuals, seamless access, collaboration, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and enhanced accessibility. This integration empowers users to fully leverage the potential of the digital twin for analysis, decision-making, and collaborative efforts.

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