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BigChange Smart Route Optimiser Cuts Field Service Fleet CO2 Emissions

By Eric Van Rees - 22nd June 2023 - 05:17

BigChange has developed a smart route optimiser that is helping companies reduce fleet operating costs, mileage, time, and CO2 emissions.

Part of the BigChange cloud-based system for managing businesses with field service operations, the software is providing an average saving of 4 per cent in miles travelled. In the first 4 months of use, BigChange customers using the tool have saved over GBP1.2m (US$1.5m); cutting 6.4 million unnecessary miles and reducing carbon emissions equivalent to planting 52,000 trees.

The route optimiser is used as part of the job scheduling feature that matches the most suitable resources, based on factors such as location, skills and availability, to new jobs. The job scheduler is designed to help companies increase the number of jobs completed using existing resources. Routes are calculated with the optimal job sequence to minimise unnecessary mileage.

Vehicle tracking is also an integral part of BigChange so planned versus actual routes can be compared. With tracking coupled with live data, such as traffic congestion, routes and travel times are continually adjusted for the provision of accurate ETA texts and email notifications.

A key feature of the new route optimiser is a screen that visually highlights the impact of changes to a route. Up and down arrows show if changes improve performance, such as reducing mileage, time and cost. Routes viewed on a map show the start and end location of the route and all the route stops, with job information shown including job start times, job reference and current job flag.

“BigChange customers have completed over 3.7 million jobs since the start of 2023 and Route Optimiser is just one part of our suite of tools that are used by companies to improve business performance,” says Jonathan Isaacs, Product Marketing Manager, BigChange. “It’s particularly important for reducing the environmental impact of running a fleet, but, as part of the complete end-to-end BigChange solution, it helps to improve efficiency and productivity, reduce costs and improve customer service.”

BigChange provides an end-to-end job management system incorporating customer relationship management (CRM), job scheduling, live tracking, mobile app, financial management, and business intelligence.

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