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Berlin Airport Now Provides Mobile Wayfinding To Guide Travelers!

By [email protected] - 12th March 2019 - 17:59

Berlin-Tegel Airport: Smart Navigation instead of Disorientation

BERLIN, Germany: In February, the well established Berlin airport app was enhanced by a new functionality that helps users find their way inside the airport building. The technology that enables this real-time navigation is provided by the Austrian company,

According to the International Air Travel Association (IATA), the number of air travellers is going to hit 7.8 billion in 2036 - that would mean almost a doubling compared to 2016 (3.8 billion).

Berlin Tegel is one of Germany’s top four airports with the highest volume of passengers. In order to facilitate orientation inside the airport building for their visitors and stay future proof in the face of current developments, their mobile app now includes navigational assistance.

The project was a collaboration between, who provide the navigational component, and Publicis Pixelpark, who integrated it seamlessly into the exisiting app. In the course of the system implementation, 400 Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons (small radio transmitters) were installed throughout the airport.

The Berlin Airport App, which has first been introduced in 2013, gives users the opportunity to comprehensively prepare for their approaching journey. Booking a parking space as well as real-time updates concerning the flight help planning ahead and prevent stress.

With the new extension, users can now access a map of the airport building, depicting all important points of interest and amenities. Their own current position is marked by a blue dot. By selecting a specific end point (e.g. gate, stores, etc.), a route will appear that guides the user to their destination in real time.

“The focal point of this project was improving the customer experience. One of our absolute priorities is to provide our customers with the smoothest and most comfortable stay at the airport, which they can look forward to. The navigation solution is therefore a big enrichment for Tegel Airport. ” - Franziska Peters, Product Manager E-Commerce, Berlin Airport

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