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Bentley Systems Announces Integration of EC3 with the Bentley iTwin Platform for Infrastructure Carbon Calculation

By Eric Van Rees - 8th November 2022 - 09:44

Bentley Systems, the infrastructure engineering software company, announced at COP27 expanded integrated workflows for embodied carbon calculation in the Bentley iTwin platform.

The new integration enables carbon assessment in infrastructure digital twin solutions, empowered by the Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3). Developed by the nonprofit Building Transparency, EC3 is a no-cost, open-access tool that allows benchmarking, assessment, and reductions in embodied carbon, focused on the upfront supply chain emissions of construction materials. Building Transparency provides the education, resources, and tools – including EC3 – to address embodied carbon’s role in climate change. The EC3 tool and its subsequent effect on the industry are driving demand for low-carbon solutions and incentivizing construction material manufacturers and suppliers to invest in disclosure, transparency, and material innovations that reduce the carbon emissions of their products.

Rodrigo Fernandes, Bentley’s director of ES(D)G – empowering sustainable development goals, said, “This new integration in Bentley’s infrastructure digital twin platform exemplifies our strategy for empowering our users to achieve sustainable development goals. EC3 from Building Transparency is a perfect example of purpose-driven open, ecosystem collaboration, by which the private sector can come together to support and accelerate climate action.”

Stacy Smedley, executive director of Building Transparency, said, “We are excited to now be part of the Bentley iTwin platform ecosystem. It is great that the integration is built upon an open-source framework – foundational for both EC3 and the iTwin platform. We see this integrated workflow as a significant opportunity for AEC companies, ISVs, and digital integrators to link carbon analysis to infrastructure digital twins while ensuring complete control of their data, applications, and IP.”

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