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Ayres Acquires True View 620 3D Imaging System

By Eric Van Rees - 4th January 2021 - 10:57

GeoCue Group has partnered with the Geospatial Division of consulting firm, Ayres, in their acquisition of a GeoCue True View 620 3D Imaging System (3DIS).

GeoCue’s True View 620 is equipped with RIEGL’s miniVUX-2UAV laser scanner integrated with dual photogrammetric cameras. Extreme accuracy is provided by Applanix APX-20 Position and Orientation System. All True View 3D Imaging Systems are bundled with Applanix POSPac, True View EVO post-processing software and True View Reckon data management solution.

The True View 620 system is a compact, survey grade 3D Imaging Sensor designed for small Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The 200 kHz, 5 return RIEGL laser scanner and dual photogrammetric cameras (providing 40 megapixels of imagery) have been carefully configured to provide a fused LIDAR/imagery field of view of 120°. All components are contained within a rigid machined mount and carefully calibrated to provide true sensor fusion. The system includes full post-processing software that generates a stunning ray-traced 3D colorized point cloud (“3D Image”) and geocoded images that can be used in photogrammetric workflows.

The True View product line gives mappers and surveyors the ability to deliver high quality analytic data with exacting accuracies. These deliverables can be generated using workflows and tools within True View EVO. Examples of derived products include classified ground models, profiles, cross sections, digital elevation models, topographic contours, volumetric analysis, classified wires and more.

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