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Avenza’s PDF Maps App Surpasses One Million Downloads

By [email protected] - 3rd May 2016 - 19:02

A Milestone in the Digital Mapping Industry: Avenza’s PDF Maps App Surpasses One Million Downloads - Go-To Map App for Travelers, Outdoor Recreationalists, and Industry Professionals Grows in Popularity on Mobile Platforms

TORONTO (May 3, 2016)— Avenza Systems Inc., the leading developer of cartographic software—such as MAPublisher for Adobe Illustrator and Geographic Imager geospatial tools for Adobe Photoshop— is excited to announce that its PDF Maps app recently surpassed the one million downloads milestone. The market-leading consumer and enterprise mobile map app is free to download from the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. It caters to international travelers and outdoor enthusiasts who often are confronted with high data roaming charges, international plans, and cellular coverage issues when leaving their coverage areas, as well as industry professionals and field workers who require and use mobile maps as part of their jobs.

“Avenza has always been committed to making digital maps accessible to the recreational novice, using the app for the very first time, as well as for the more knowledgeable user who might require more substantial features. As well, we are very pleased at the continuing and exponential growth of PDF Maps in the professional commercial and government sectors in which the app has proved to be a reliable and valuable tool for field workers and emergency response teams. Reaching the one million downloads milestone has reaffirmed our commitment to a growing consumer base that views the PDF Maps app as more than just an app, but as a valuable resource in remote areas,” said Ted Florence, President, Avenza Systems Inc. “More importantly, we share this milestone with the many map publishers and independent cartographers who have used the PDF Maps app as a portal to share and sell the more than 2.3 million maps which have been downloaded by users to-date and the ever-increasing number of digital map users who together have helped us achieve this level of success and adoption. The map industry is evolving as it attempts to reach its audience in a digital age, and we’re excited to be part of this positive transition.”

Unlike other map apps that provide one view of a location using GPS coordinates as most maps do, Avenza’s PDF Maps app provides a meaningful interface to measure distances, drop placemarks and share personal recorded data in various formats for use on land, sea or air. PDF Maps is an award-winning all-encompassing solution for the use, distribution and sale of digital versions of paper maps to mobile devices. It includes both an app for consumers to explore and interact with their maps, as well as a back-end store and delivery system to facilitate the transaction and delivery of maps from map publishers to consumers. The in-app marketplace provides a mobile e-commerce venue that allows those in the industry to have access to consumers seeking information about specific digital maps. Pricing of each map is set by the publisher and free maps remain free to users through the PDF Maps in-app store.

Avenza’s PDF Maps app is available now on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store free of charge for personal recreational use. A Windows version is currently in public beta release.

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