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Authorities will struggle to solve the pothole problem

By [email protected] - 30th March 2017 - 19:04

A new survey has revealed the shocking state of the road network around the UK, with the Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance survey revealing that almost a fifth of roads were in a ‘poor’ condition.

These results are supported by further research conducted by infrastructure asset management specialist Yotta, last year a study revealed that 28% of road users have experienced damage to their vehicle due to potholes or road imperfections.

Alex Croston, Senior Asset Management Advocate at Yotta, believes that authorities face a tough battle to bring the UK road network back to a good state of repair.

“Local authorities are the stewards of a road network that has been underfunded for years, and despite the recent funding commitments from government, the task that faces them today is not an easy one,” said Croston.

“However, through the adoption of revised best working practices, collaboration with neighbouring authorities and the implementation of new technology, most authorities are making strides in the way they manage their highways.”

The survey by Yotta also found that 62% of road users believe that the state of roads has declined over the past five years.

Croston added: “Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether these efficiencies will be enough to offset the funding shortfall authorities still face and prevent a long-term decline in overall road condition; few would agree that they will.”

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