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Austro Control Dronespace: drone traffic management system for Austria is ready for takeoff

By Eric Van Rees - 5th October 2023 - 10:06

Austro Control, together with Frequentis, has developed a traffic management system for the safe integration of drones into the Austrian airspace.

Drones have been experiencing a veritable boom for years. In order to make drone flying in Austria even safer and simpler, Austro Control, together with Frequentis, has developed a traffic management system for drones, which is now being launched. With Austro Control Dronespace, drones are being integrated into the Austrian airspace.

• Flying drones becomes easier as flight plans can be filed, and flight clearances requested or issued directly in the app.

• Flying becomes safer, because air traffic control and drone pilots will be able to see where other drones are on the move.

• Drone flying becomes easier, because Austro Control Dronespace will be the contact point for all official and operational processes: from registering as a drone operator to personally managing individual drones in the app.

• Drone flying becomes safer because the "Quick Check" function for drone pilots always makes it immediately clear where it is permitted to fly and where it is not.

“With Austro Control Dronespace, we have developed an innovative platform for the safe and easy handling of drone flights together with our technology partner Frequentis. With this, we take another important step in the digitalisation and automation of official processes, while also supporting the Austrian industry when it comes to developing new drone services for the market,” explains Austro Control CEO Valerie Hackl.

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