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ATDI launches ICS telecom EV

By [email protected] - 13th July 2017 - 17:47

ATDI launches its new flagship software ICS telecom EV, giving a radical new experience in radio modelling and optimization.

In a world where spectrum resources are being squeezed to achieve maximum efficiency and capacity, ATDI introduces ICS telecom EV, its latest software solution offering advanced radio network planning and optimization capabilities for public safety, transport, utilities, satellite and network operators.

ICT Telecom EV ensures public, private, licensed or unlicensed radiocommunication networks are continuously available, offer a high degree of reliability and do not suffer from harmful interference. These qualities are essential in emergency service networks where connectivity and network capacity are vital for the delivery of high quality voice and data communications. ICS telecom EV delivers an unmatched degree of precision and quality to users across the radiocommunications industry.

“Companies, governments and regulators across the world have put their trust in ATDI’s software suite and expertise for nearly 30 years,” says Gilles Missud, MD, ATDI Ltd. “Clearly, we already stand on solid ground. ICS telecom EV is what we have built on that foundation.”

Launched today, the software incorporates features and functions to manage the latest technologies: LTE-A, 5G, IoT Low Power WAN and 3GPP. It simulates drones, UAVs and radars to support the planning of radio networks from few kHz to 350GHz. Since real world radiocommunications networks are only as good as their theoretical design, ICS telecom EV is supported by a world class library of digital cartography which offers medium to high resolution maps for import directly into the software.

The benefits of using ICS telecom EV are clearly apparent when it comes to planning and modelling radio. Features include:

  • Superior prediction reliability compared to others radio planning tools, with a higher degree of correlation between prediction and measurements in excess of 95%;
  • Rapid calculation speeds, pixel by pixel, as a result of massive processing and virtual machine licensing scheme;
  • An infinite number of simulation features including 2D coverage and traffic & interference analysis.

ICS telecom EV is capable of handling prospective planning, automatic frequency allocation, coverage optimization, carrier aggregation and throughput simulation and coexistence evaluation for various technologies or objects – such as the impact of windfarms on airport radars, analysis of human exposure to electromagnetic fields, 3D coverage simulation including ground-air, air-air or sea-ground radiocommunication analysis. Coverage maps are easily exported to most formats including Google Maps and MapInfo, meaning the entire organisation benefits from the outputs. - ICS telecom EV now features Antios, for the design of antennas and antenna systems in 3D.

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