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Astroscale Expands Operations to France and Secures Contract with CNES

By Eric Van Rees - 21st June 2023 - 08:47

Astroscale Holdings, a provider of satellite servicing and long-term sustainability across all orbits, has announced the opening of Astroscale France SAS and a contract with the French national space agency, Centre National D'Etudes Spatiales.

"Astroscale’s expansion into France and partnership with CNES mark a major step toward realizing a safe and sustainable space environment, and serve as a testament to France’s investment in space sustainability,” said Nobu Okada, Astroscale Founder and CEO. “Combining Astroscale's on-orbit servicing leadership with CNES's esteemed space heritage strengthens France’s role as a global leader in sustainable space policy and innovative technology."

The contract, to be signed on June 20 at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget, formalizes a partnership between Astroscale France and CNES that includes a funded study for active debris removal of French space debris. The specific debris will be determined in early 2024.

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