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Asia's one of the biggest geospatial event developed together With the geospatial information industry

By Eric Van Rees - 22nd June 2021 - 05:17

The SMART GEO EXPO has become an annual event since 2008, after the reorganization of government departments related to geospatial information, geospatial related events were integrated and expanded as one, SMART GEO EXPO.

The SMART GEO EXPO derives the development of the geospatial information industry and supports companies to expand to the global market.

The Expo includes an exhibition program where host (ministry of land, infrastructure and transport), organizers, and many other geospatial related companies and organizations take part in; International Meeting for the Advancement of the Geospatial Information Cooperation for expansion of exchange and information sharing with foreign guests; and domestic as well as international conferences.

SMART GEO EXPO has been an excellent platform to share the value and importance of the geospatial information sector in rapidly changing market.

SMART GEO EXPO is here to share geospatial stories for everyone to encounter geospatial industry easily and prepare the new decade.

Especially in this year’s Smart Geo Expo, Digital Twin Geo Virtual Korea, realization of Digital Twin, the major business of the Korean New Deal or Digital New Deal will be presented.

Come now to our special expo for this year with a slogan “Digital Twin, Design the Smarter Future” which will be held through On/Offline hybrid.

Experience and try the world’s the latest trends of geospatial information and new technology convergence to public. Link

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