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AquaTitans selects Sonardyne tracking for submersibles package

By Eric Van Rees - 30th May 2023 - 15:15

Newly formed specialist manned submersible services provider AquaTitans has chosen underwater tracking systems from marine technology company Sonardyne to support underwater vehicles used by scientists, researchers and filmmakers.

The Glasgow-based company, formed by submersibles specialists Alan Green and William Arthur in 2022, will use Sonardyne’s Mini-Ranger 2 Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) positioning system as part of its new containerised submersible support system.

For use from small expedition vessels to large, open-decked offshore support ships, vessels of opportunity or even quaysides, the AquaTitans container concept comes with everything needed to operate submersibles. The package includes dedicated support equipment for underwater communications, re-charging batteries, oxygen and air re-supply, together with accurate and reliable underwater tracking.

The company’s first two 20 ft containerised systems will be used with Triton 3300/3 submersibles; three-man vehicles built by Triton Submarines that are able to carry science and research specialists to depths of 1,000 m. The first delivery was made in Q1 2023.

For work with underwater platforms like submersibles, Mini-Ranger 2 offers a portable and quick to mobilise, versatile tracking and communications system. It provides submersible pilots with the confidence, accuracy and safety assurance they need on critical tasks during dives, saving valuable operational time.

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