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Announcing the agenda for TaaS Technology 2019

By [email protected] - 14th June 2019 - 08:56

TaaS Technology hits Birmingham, England, on the 9th and 10th July 2019, with a new and expanded agenda

As well as two co-located Conferences, CAVs and Future Mobility and Energising Mobility, the event will bring together international experts for two days of in-depth discussions and exhibits. These will be focused on the opportunities and challenges of a mobility future that leverages CAVs and TaaS technologies, plus the key topics surrounding Electric Vehicles (EVs), Battery/Energy Technology and Infrastructure.

The event will span two days, cover 15 key topics and have over 80 presentations as well as interactive panel sessions, featuring industry titans, noted thought leaders and experienced entrepreneurs.

For the CAVs and Future Mobility Conference, Day one’s first session will focus on future urban mobility. Fred Jones, Head of Mobility, UK & Ireland for Uber will provide one of the morning’s highlights in his talk: Replacing your car with your phone. InMotion’s Lars Klawitter will also discuss The Narrative of the ‘One-Stop Shop’ of Mobility and how Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) as well as Journey Planners are competing in the race towards a single multi-modal platform whilst cities are fighting to regain control.

The mid-morning sessions for CAVs & Future Mobility moves on to focus on the technology behind TaaS. Attendees can enjoy talks ranging from Auto Trader’s Nick King’s assessment on the “consumer appetite for autonomous vehicles”, to What3words’ Clare Jones and how the company is pioneering the “first addressing system designed for voice”.

The Met Office’s Henry Odbert will explain how mobility must be capable of operating safely and efficiently in variable weather, and use weather data in decision systems utilised in all aspects of travel, including journey planning, demand, vehicle performance, hazard avoidance, infrastructure management, network management and regulation.

In the first Energising Future Mobility Conference session: Future mobility, EVs and Smart Cities delegates can look forward to hearing from the likes of BP and the Department of Transport amongst other key players operating within this sector. Roy Williamson, VP Mobility, BP will advocate in his talk: ‘Ultra-fast charging facilitating uptake of Electric Vehicles’ for a network of ultra-fast charging points on forecourts and new hubs to provide the most cost-effective solution for the economy and how strong partnerships between industry, regulators, researchers and governments will be vital to support ultra-fast charging infrastructure. Building upon this, Dr Bob Moran’s presentation for the Department for Transport will explore a government perspective on how we can power our future mobility.

Kicking off the first session of Day 2, the main theme will concentrate on the progress on EV adoption- Solutions Update and will feature key stakeholders from across the industry. Jacqui Murray of Innovate UK will discuss in depth, the ‘Faraday Battery Challenge and how the UK can benefit from Government and Industry investing and working together’. Ian Plummer, Manufacturer & Agency Director of Auto Trader follows this presentation with an analysis of the current EV uptake in the UK to assess the current state of the EV market. In her talk, ‘Enabling a national ultra-rapid charging network: how and when?’ Senior Project Manager for EVs at National Grid, Laura Morris will examine what a strategic national ultra rapid charging network could look like, what energy infrastructure is needed to enable it and by when? What do Industry and Policy Makers need to prioritise to unlock this opportunity and avoid risks of a delay to EV uptake?

Day two continues to showcase leading international speakers from across the ecosystem, starting off with Dan Cauchy of Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) looking at ‘Innovation in the Fast Lane: Accelerating Connected & Autonomous Development’. The software required for today’s connected vehicles and tomorrow’s autonomous cars is too large and complex for any one company to develop alone. Some automakers are forging partnerships or making acquisitions, and many others are embracing cross-industry collaboration through open source software to drive rapid innovation.

In the session: The Emerging New Retail Environment, Rahima Yakoob of Daimler will discuss the evolution of the digital supply chain in the autonomous & electric vehicle ecosystem while Mark Thomas, VP Marketing, Ridecell will argue that carsharing is the overlooked autonomous opportunity. Thomas’s talk will discuss how autonomous carsharing brings the benefits of autonomous to near term use cases to enhance the carsharing operations. From using level 4 autonomous technology for carsharing vehicles to reposition themselves in the middle of the night to valet delivering a car to a driver, autonomous can enhance the carsharing experience without ever driving around a paying passenger.

"CAVs, EVs, Battery/energy, Infrastructure and Future Mobility continue to be hot topics. Transportation as we know it is ripe for disruption. With traditional car manufacturers, OEMs, software companies, component providers, battery technology, energy providers, infrastructure and new transportation companies investing billions of pounds into the research and development of realising future mobility systems, we are excited to be organising the 2nd TaaS Technology conference to connect, inform and inspire the Industry. It will be a great chance for the UK to show the developments we are making and for UK companies to learn more about the solutions our international partners are developing" said Sukhi Bhadal, Event Director, TaaS Technology Conference.

"The two-day conference and exhibition will be a unique event allowing for education, influence and networking between the major international players who are driving forward the new mobility revolution, a revolution which has the potential to save lives, protect our environment and bring new mobility solutions to millions of people.” added Bhadal.

The full agenda content can be viewed at:

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