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By Eric Van Rees - 2nd September 2019 - 08:50

Expanding sales channels by offering API’s

AND’s location-aware data such as digital maps, global admin boundaries, ZIP+4 information and new innovative AND content will increasingly be available via APIs.

AND APIs are designed to make industry applications, such as Transportation Management or Geo-Marketing Solutions more efficient by enriching them with additional location-aware content.

Thierry Jaccoud, CEO, AND Products BV said: “APIs will improve time to market and reduce developers’ workload. We are very happy that we now can offer our content via this new channel, which in turn opens up new opportunities for customers and the developer community.”

We are launching 2 new APIs:

  1. AND ZIP+4 API which has two types of requests
    1. From coordinates to ZIP+4 codes
    2. From ZIP+4 codes to ZIP+4 polygons
  2. AND Geocoder API has two types of requests
  3. From a postal address to coordinates
  4. Reverse Geocoder, from coordinates to a postal address

The benefits of our APIs include:

  • Ease of use
  • Transparent pricing model
  • No use case restrictions
  • Storage options

For a limited time period, the first 1,000 API calls are free to new users!

Available soon: AND Time Distance Matrix APIs for up to 1000x1000 locations

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