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An integrated and bundled survey solution for drones

By [email protected] - 3rd November 2016 - 09:12

Eos Systems and Klau Geomatics release an integrated and bundled survey solution for drones

Eos Systems, the developer of PhotoModeler, and Klau Geomatics, the developer of the KG PPK system, announce an integrated and bundled system for high accuracy survey for drones while using minimal or no ground control points. As well, until Nov. 30th, 2016 the product bundle (PhotoModeler UAS and the drone KG PPK unit) is being offered at 35% off for a total of US$6760.

Alan Walford, CEO at Eos Systems says, “We are very excited to offer an integrated solution of the Klau Geomatics Post Processed Kinematics Camera Positioning System with our new PhotoModeler UAS photogrammetry product.”

The Klau Geomatics PPK System provides precise camera positions for aerial photography, using the most robust technology in the industry. Coupled with PhotoModeler’s photogrammetry software, this is an affordable solution with an unprecedented level of accuracy and reliability for survey grade mapping applications. The Klau Geomatics PPK is a light weight plug and play box that can be easily installed on any drone by end users or as an OEM product for manufacturers. “The deep academic and practical industry experience in photogrammetry and aerial systems integration at Klau Geomatics, and the best-in-class GNSS technology we use, distinguishes our product in the market,” says Rob Klau, CEO at Klau Geomatics.

Integrating PPK into a photogrammetry program provides a strong platform for obtaining very accurate drone-based surveys with minimal or no ground control input, greatly reducing the time and cost for accessing a site to place GCPs. This integrated product simplifies the workflow from the field data (drone photos, drone PPK data & base station data) to a survey-grade 3D surface model or ortho-mosaic. The powerful algorithms in PhotoModeler complement and cross-check the PPK data for the highest quality result.

“PhotoModeler is one of the longest standing desktop photogrammetry solutions on the market - with the first public release 23 years ago in 1993. Our latest offering, PhotoModeler UAS, brings our deep understanding of algorithms and real customer needs to the UAV audience. Combining this depth of experience with the Klau Geomatics PPK solution, being the highest quality independent PPK system on the market, will bring a very useful and powerful solution to the UAS marketplace. We expect great things of this powerful integration for use by UAV customers with real-world survey applications,” summarizes Alan Walford.

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