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ALBALUX FM: First in Bright White Light

By [email protected] - 10th April 2019 - 14:08

LASER COMPONENTS Honoured by Vision Systems Design 2019 Innovators Awards Program

Chicago, IL – LASER COMPONENTS, specialised provider of components and services in the laser and optoelectronics industry, was presented with a silver-level award in the category of lighting, lenses, and optics at the Fifth Annual Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards presentation, held during Automate in Chicago, IL. The company‘s ALBALUX FM, world’s first laser white light module with bright and highly directional fibre optic output, was recognised by a panel of esteemed experts from system integrator and end-user companies.

“The unprecedented high luminance, superior to LED, combined with ultra-narrow beam edges will change the way we look at illumination in medical and machine vision applications,“ said Mr. Gary Hayes, CEO of LASER COMPONENTS USA. “The industry will now have access to more light capability precisely where it needs to be. We are honoured to receive this prestigious recognition and looking forward to seeing adoption of this novel technology“ Hayes added.

The design of the ALBALUX FM offers the user full flexibility in both standard and custom configuration requirements with reliable high optical power, remote fibre-optic beam delivery, and safe drive electronics in a compact enclosure. A key component of ALBALUX FM is the award-winning LaserLight technology from SLD Laser, based on GaN semi-polar blue laser diodes.

Alan Bergstein, publisher of Vision Systems Design said “This prestigious Program allows Vision Systems Design to celebrate and recognise the most innovative products and services in the vision and image processing industry. Our 2019 Honourees are an outstanding example of companies who are making an impact in the industry.”

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