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Airbus’ UP42 Partners with Indian Startup HyperVerge for AI-based Satellite Imagery Analytics

By Eric Van Rees - 20th August 2021 - 05:11

UP42, a geospatial developer platform and marketplace wholly owned by Airbus, has partnered with Indian startup HyperVerge to offer satellite imagery services using Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based change detection algorithms.

This is the 11th successful partnership industrialized by Airbus Bizlab in India and the second partnership between HyperVerge and an Airbus entity.

HyperVerge’s automated algorithms will help detect small structural changes to homes and properties for local government tax assessment and code enforcement. They will also help monitor legal and unauthorised construction of roads, buildings and artificial islands in remote regions by federal or defence agencies, and keep GIS maps updated in rapidly growing urban areas. The automated algorithms will detect these changes with a high degree of accuracy by comparing two images acquired on different dates.

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