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Airbus launches a new branch of the app developer programme

By [email protected] - 23rd November 2018 - 13:00

Airbus launches a new branch of the app developer programme for device accessories -- Finding out the smartest extras for the Tactilon Dabat -- First anniversary of SmarTWISP: Airbus launches a new branch of the app developer programme for device accessories at the PMRExpo 2018 exhibition

Elancourt, 23 November 2018 – In the frame of its SmarTWISP initiative, Airbus has started a developer programme for certified accessories to enlarge the ecosystem for the Tactilon Dabat. Companies which intend to develop specialized equipment for the Tactilon Dabat, an Android smartphone and Tetra radio in one, can now apply for registration on the SmarTWISP portal. They can propose innovative concepts or specialized accessories for users in the area of industries and public safety.

Thanks to specific tools such as motorcycle mounts, Bluetooth solutions or helmet audios, Dabat users will be able to handle the Tactlion Dabat more efficiently. The Tactilon Dabat was developed to improve the daily communication work of paramedics, firefighters, industrial workers or police officers.

“This new programme is not only beneficial to developers but also to Tactilon Dabat users. Thanks to this programme we can provide a wide range of accessories for the mission- and business critical markets and ensure highest quality,” explains Rahim Zaknoun, Head of Innovation & Developer Ecosystem at Secure Land Communications, Airbus.

Whether end users need equipment for covert operations or motorcycle solutions, they will soon be able to purchase these certified third-party products knowing these are Airbus-accredited products. Nevertheless, standard accessories for the Tactilon Dabat such as headphones, microphones or batteries will be offered by Airbus directly.

Companies and developers who want to cooperate with Airbus have to enroll online. Afterwards, Airbus will check the application and start the licencing process given the fact that all the prerequisites are met. Finally, Airbus will award a certification for specific accessories used for the Tactilon Dabat. Developers benefit from promotional activities, exhibitions and the boosting business in the mission- and business critical markets.

Airbus established the SmarTWISP programme for app developers one year ago. Since the inception of SmarTWISP, Airbus organised various Critical App Challenges in Germany, Belgium and the Middle East to boost an ecosystem for a multitude of apps for the Tactilon Dabat. The regularly updated Airbus App catalogue on the Secure Land Communications website gives an insight of solutions that have been created.

Application developers will find a starter kit which helps make new mission-and business-critical apps. Once approved for a free membership, subscribers can access guidelines, tools and the application programming interface (API). Furthermore, members benefit from special training, tools, and reward schemes.

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