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AgriFuture Days 2016 - Update

By [email protected] - 10th June 2016 - 08:15

AgriFuture Days 2016 - Sentinel II NDVI technology, new business models, keynotes, workshops, exhibitors,....

From 22.-24.6.2016 PROGIS will together with GFAR (Global Forum for Agricultural Research) under the umbrella of the Club of Ossiach run the AgriFuture Days 2016 with an exciting program and keynote speakers like Ajit Maru / FAO (topic: ICTs for Sustainable rural-urban continuums), Philippe Loudjani from JRC (Joint Research Centre of the EC, topic: EU CAP 2016 – news and controls), M`Hamed Cherif, the organiser of the EU–AU (African Union) Business Forum 2014 with 800 participants (topic: Invest in Africa – NOW), Michelle Makaroff, former Microsoft sales and lobbying expert in Brussels (topic: Technologies, PPP and new funding sources support entrepreneurs for new agro-advisory services) as well as technical experts will give exciting input about newest technologies and many others. In total we expect more than 100 experts from more than 30 countries and 3 continents to meet in Villach and speak and discuss to the topics:

  • Smart rural areas need
    1. better technology integration
    2. more stakeholder cooperation and
    3. fast and better education.

Agriculture doesn’t only mean more and better food but also a means sustainable environment with less natural risks. All these are products and services from farmers. The integration of all these technologies and the business models behind that need to be implemented to run them successfully will be discussed. New technologies need also new business models. “The fast and intelligent ones will be better than the big ones” is an old saying.

As I am sure you want to be part of the fast and intelligent ones and understand the problems that giants sometimes have, I would be glad to have you here. We will not only talk in keynotes but will also discuss the three main topics (technology - technology integration - stakeholder cooperation).

Agrifuture Days takes place for the 4th time. See 2014 also in Villach –You-tube: Agrifuturedays2014 – and 2015 on invitation of CAAS (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences) in Beijing. Everybody will benefit from the common output that after the workshop will be distributed throughout all participants. If you want to be part of an urgent needed change, make the trip to Villach. All details see under REGISTER NOW!

PROGIS technologies – you also will see:

  • WinGIS, the well-known, powerful and easy to use Spatial Engine
  • DokuPlant and ForestOffice as GIS embedding applications for Farm- and Forest-Management
  • Logistics and mobGIS for group-management supporting all stakeholders from farmers to industries and service providers
  • Land consolidation setup on the well known Austrian model

This year brand-new:

  • NEW: CS-technology (Consistent Structures, an exciting pattern recognition tool for WinGIS) of non-adaptive classification of digital images of objects of remote sensing with a new class of tools for processing and thematic analysis of spatial data embedded into WinGIS; you will be excited about the new possibilities that you can read out of images, also Sentinel II images.
  • NEW: Embedment of all Sentinel II images incl. the growth index NDVI: Look at your field with 5 days update from your office and verify the growth within a 10x10m raster and get the fundament for Precision Farming
  • NEW: technologies from WRLS and PROGIS about an open transport map (OTM) upgradeable with a rural area road network

We will have a group of exhibitors that show newest technologies, also educational tools and cooperation models that are ready to talk also with you about your problems. For scientists that want to take part we have an exciting offer:

1 year free of charge WinGIS incl. Sentinel II images access and NDVI processing in the value of several thousands Euro against a scientific report of a ground truth proof of the output for your crops in your region. After this year You will automatically be reported as our local expert for NDVI expertise and be part of the team for the future!

AgriFutureDays will be highly beneficial for all who will participate – we want also YOU to be here in Villach. See the details at and register NOW!

Walter H. MAYER

"Club of Ossiach"
Postgasse 6, 9500 Villach, Austria
[email protected]

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