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Aeronautics Introduces a New Operating Concept Incorporating the Orbiter 2 LM, its latest Loitering Munition System

By Eric Van Rees - 17th June 2024 - 05:33

Addressing Evolving Operational Challenges of the modern battlefield, the Orbiter 2LM and Orbiter 2ISR systems collaboratively enable an advanced sensor-to-shooter capability for diverse missions

Aeronautics, a provider of design, development, and manufacturing of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for the global defense and HLS markets, introduces the Orbiter 2 LM (Loitering Munition), the latest addition to Aeronautics' portfolio of combat proven loitering munitions systems. It offers enhanced capabilities including long endurance, persistent surveillance, optimal precision with low collateral damage making it ideal for a diverse number of missions.

The Orbiter 2 LM offers an optimal solution, combining both the functionality of the loitering munition together with ISR capabilities. With an extended endurance of two hours, the system provides high mission flexibility for success in uncertain operational scenarios, particularly those characterized by targets with short time windows.

The system is fully operational in GPS-denied areas and uses advanced communication - immune to interference and encrypted for secure data transmission. The system supports full connectivity to external C4I systems.

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