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Aeromapper Talon Surveys A Whole Maldives Island In A Single Flight

By [email protected] - 17th May 2017 - 16:33

Takeoff from a nearby island, survey another one, then come back and land autonomously... No problem!

On December of 2016 Aeromao Inc. in collaboration with Foresight Surveyors completed a full photogrammetric survey mission with an Aeromapper Talon over one of the most unique and exotic islands in the Maldives, surveying a total area of approximately 251 acres or 1 Sq. Km. at a GSD of 2cm/pixel. The UAV flew at a cruise altitude of 100 m AGL and collected 1422 photos with an amazing level of detail. A DSM, orthophoto and point cloud were generated using Pix4DMapper. Despite the 2 hour flight endurance capability of the Aeromapper Talon, the mission was successfully completed in only 45 minutes. The UAV flew at a maximum distance from the ground control of 2km.

The UAV flew flawlessly and was launched and recovered via parachute from a nearby island approximately 1 km away, due to the limited space available for takeoff and landing on the target island.

The Aeromapper Talon was not equipped with PPK GNSS system, so 5 GCS points were taken on the island which resulted in a horizontal accuracy of 4.8cm

The mission resulted so successful that the crew had plenty of time to go snorqueling around the island while the computers processed all the data.

The Aeromapper Talon utilized is owned by Foresight Surveyors purchased by the year 2014. An upgrade and service was performed to get the UAV up to date prior to the flights over the island.

Centimeter level accuracy required... Bring it on!

The purpose of the survey was to generate an orthophoto to trace the As-built for future developments taking place in the island. Thanks for the data acquired, the client received an up-to-date high resolution property map which was easier to be used by the project department and decision makers. As well the othophoto was useful for their environmental monitoring purposes and biodiversity mapping.

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