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AEC Next and SPAR 3D announce Call for Speakers for co-located 2021 event in Denver, CO

By Eric Van Rees - 31st July 2020 - 06:52

The AEC Next Technology Expo + Conference and the SPAR 3D Expo & Conference, taking place in Denver, CO, March 30 – April 1, 2021, have announced a Call for Speakers and invite interested parties to submit their presentation abstracts by Friday, September 4, 2020.

As professionals across all industries adapt to the new challenges presented by the consequences of the pandemic, the push towards digitization, improved collaboration, and streamlining workflows has never been more crucial. From digital tools that allow for critical infrastructure projects to continue while keeping employees distanced and safe, to those that facilitate live collaboration on complex projects from anywhere, the crisis of the pandemic has brought forth a wave of creativity and innovation. The SPAR 3D and AEC Next conference content in 2021 will explore and highlight what these changes and innovations mean for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals of all types.

This year, there will be special emphasis on sessions that highlight the technologies that industry professionals will use to work in the future: virtual collaboration, digital twins, interactions in VR environments, advances in automation, and more. Technology applications to be covered in the 2021 conference also include:

• 3D Modeling

• 3D Printing

• Applications of AI/Machine Learning

• Autonomous Vehicle Navigation and Sensing

• BIM Workflows | Interoperability | Software Solutions

• Building Documentation

• Collaborative Software

• Construction Management Solutions

• Data Management/Cloud Services

• Design Solutions/Generative Design

• Digital Twins and Smart Cities

• Drones / sUAS Applications

• Facilities Management


• High Definition Scanning

• High Performance Building Products

• Historic Preservation

• Indoor Mapping/Portable 3D Capture

• Intelligent Building Systems | Internet of Things

• Mobile Mapping

• Robotic Inspections/Monitoring

• Sensor Innovations


• Specs, Codes, Standards

• Subsurface Utility Engineering

• Survey & Mapping

• VR/AR/MR/XR/ | Gaming Engines | Hardware

In this rapidly-changing market, education is critical. At AEC Next and SPAR 3D, we carefully develop conference topics in cooperation with an Advisory Board of esteemed professionals and thoroughly vet prospective speakers. Our goal is to provide outstanding, actionable information on the critical issues industrial users face integrating or operating technology and to provide a glimpse at what’s coming next.

“The unprecedented situation that we’re living through has caused the entire world to change and the AEC Next and SPAR 3D events are changing with it,” said Event Director Christine Salmon. “Our focus has always been to highlight what it means for professionals to adopt and utilize new tools in order to create value. Understanding what it looks like to actually do so in this ever-evolving world is more important than ever, which is why the content at our events will explore how professionals can use new tools to make an impact in the present. Doing so will aeffectively set them up for success in a future that is taking shape before our eyes.”

Recommended presentation abstracts should focus on business case studies (ex. ROI analysis, material cost savings), which relate to the application of built world and 3D technologies in support of relevant commercial, industrial and government projects. Applicants are strongly encouraged to include their clients as co-presenters. Preference will be given to asset owner presenters (the end users of the technology). Vendors are encouraged to nominate asset owner customers to present or co-present. Product presentations will not be selected for the main program but are available to exhibiting companies in the Product Previews section of pre-conference programming.

Because the events are co-located, each application will be considered for both conferences. Some may qualify for dual placement, meaning the session will be accessible to both AEC Next and SPAR 3D attendees.

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