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A breakthrough year for digitalization in the offshore sector

By Eric Van Rees - 20th December 2023 - 08:40

When Marius Five Aarset became Miros Chief Executive at the start of 2023, he set out three key aims for the year for the global oceans insights experts to work towards.

To develop the company into renewables and support the acceleration towards net zero goals; to further boost Miros’ cloud technology and modern as-a-service business model; and to translate accurate measurements of the ocean surface into actionable information.

“For the last 12 months, we have been laser-focused on developing our product suite and business models so that they can better help to drive enhancements in the marine and energy sectors, particularly in offshore vessels and offshore wind. We have had great success in this endeavor, and it will continue to be an essential priority for Miros as we move into 2024,” Aarset explains.

“Offshore wind was in the media a great deal in 2023 – some of the coverage positive and some negative – but from our observation there is one point that is clear; the industry is moving. More than ever before developers are more eager to adopt solutions and services for optimizing operations and maintenance. Beyond that, digital business models are now being embraced and appreciated for the value they add across a wide range of industries and regions.”

From vessels and offshore wind projects in Europe to oil and gas operations in Brazil, Miros’ wave and current measurement technology is continuing to inform operations across the world. In 2023 the company experienced solid growth in contracts, going beyond its expectations and across various geographies and markets, as the industry becomes more aware of the value of real-time measurements over forecasts and the benefits of digital business models.

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