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4DAGE Unveils Its New Laser Scanner With Unique Dual Acquisition Mode Of Terrestrial Laser Scanner And SLAM

By Eric Van Rees - 20th November 2023 - 16:09

4DAGE, a company dedicated to AI, 3D digitisation, the research and application of new surveying and mapping technologies, attended INTERGEO 2023 and launched the latest 4DMeta, the industry's first reality 3D laser scanner with dual acquisition mode of terrestrial laser scanning and SLAM.

Equipped with an ultra-high precision 905nm LIDAR, an ultra-high definition vision lens and two wide-angle lenses for point cloud colouring, the 4DMeta has a scanning range of up to 70m and captures 200,000 points per second with precision of 1cm, while generating 16K high-definition panoramas to create an immersive virtual tour.

With the RTK, thermal, multi-spectral and other plug-in modules, 4DMeta not only fills the gap of high-definition 360 images in the surveying and mapping industry, but also provides insights into the full life-cycle management of the project and etc.

Based on the advantages of high efficiency, high precision and cost effectiveness, 4DMeta can be widely used in various industries. 4DAGE has set up its repair center and servers in France, Japan and China.

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