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3rd Annual Assured PNT Summit Convenes this May in National Harbor, MD

By Eric Van Rees - 20th April 2023 - 05:26

Defense Strategies Institute is proud to announce the 3nd Annual Assured PNT Summit, occurring this May 10-11 in National Harbor, MD.

The 2023 Summit will bring together members of the Military Services, DoD, Federal Government, Industry and Academia in a town-hall style forum to discuss the latest developments of PNT systems and GPS alternatives.

With the ever-growing military, civil and commercial dependence on GPS, there is an increased potential for large-scale system vulnerabilities when signals are being jammed, denied or degraded. As PNT has become such a central component in our modern society and technology, ensuring its functionality is a national security priority. To this end, the 3rd annual Summit will address developments in PNT capabilities such as identifying key aspects for new GPS receivers, the progress and deployment of the NTS-3 satellites, utilizing the Mounted Assured PNT System (MAPS) to provide accurate and trusted PNT to the Warfighter, & facilitating increased PNT resilience across all modes of transportation.

The 2023 Assured PNT Summit will feature senior-level speakers including:

Gen David Thompson, USSF, Vice Chief, Space Operations, U.S. Space Force

VADM Frank Whitworth, Director, NGA

Maynard Holliday, SES, Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Critical Technologies, OUSD(R&E), DoD

Maj. Gen David Miller, Director, Operations, Training, and Force Development (J3), U.S. Space Command

ADM (Ret.) Thad W. Allen, USCG, Chairman, PNT Advisory Board

Karen Van Dyke, Director, PNT & Spectrum Management Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research & Technology, DOT

Topics to be covered at the Summit Include:

- Looking Towards the Future: Driving PNT Advisory Board Recommendations

- Highlighting DoD’s Nexus of PNT: Policy, Technology and Operations

- Civil PNT Perspective: Adopting Complementary Sources of PNT into End-User Applications for Increased Safety-Critical Transportation Resiliency

- Promoting the Responsible Use of U.S. Space-Based PNT Services and Capabilities

- Ensuring Satellite Technology is Equipped with PNT Guarding Against Vulnerabilities

- Shaping Army’s Strategy Toward Providing Survivable, Responsive and Resilient PNT Intelligence to the Warfighter

- Addressing the Increase in Jamming and Spoofing: How PNT is at the Forefront of the Ukraine War Efforts

- And much more!

Active military and government and state personnel attend complimentary. Those interested in participating in the Assured PNT Summit can visit Defense Strategies Institute’s website. Anyone interested in learning more or sending questions contact Erica Noreika at [email protected], 201-896-7802.

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