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2D Maps Take a Hike

By [email protected] - 6th October 2016 - 18:07

2D Maps Take a Hike - Melown Technologies Launches Web-based 3D Mapping Platform

PRAGUE, Oct. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Melown Technologies announces the launch of, a very ambitious web based visualization platform for 2D and 3D geospatial data, as a way to create beautiful 3D maps using open and/or personal data.

Melown combines a powerful JavaScript API with tens of terabytes of open and premium data available instantly from the cloud. The service is free for all users. Those who wish to access increased data storage, work with premium datasets or run high-traffic websites will pay a reasonable monthly fee. While Melown's target audience is web developers, the platform is easy enough to use that a person with no coding experience can create and share maps with ease.

"Melown started as a structure-from-motion company, creating 3D city models from aerial imagery. There was no technology available in the market which would allow us to visualize our work on the web, and to a large extent, there still isn't today. Hence, we built," said Ondrej Prochazka, Melown's Director and Chief Engineer.

Melown shares the online map market with the likes of major players like Google, ESRI, and Mapbox, as well as open-source projects like CesiumJS. "It's true that Google's phase out of the Google Earth API in 2015, leaving developers without a 3D mapping interface, provided an opportunity for Melown as an alternative," continues Prochazka. "But the possibilities Melown provides go far beyond those of Google Earth, or any other 3D mapping platform, for that matter."

By integrating a software API with cloud-based data delivery, Melown believes they have a platform that will truly bring benefit to many of the industries that rely on maps on a daily basis. Because they are web based, all maps are easily shareable via direct linking, iframe and/or js code - which will make them accessible to your employees, clients, friends and social following.

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