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1Spatial Launches 1Data Gateway For ArcGIS Pro, A Revolutionary Data Quality Add-In For Esri ArcGIS Pro

By Eric Van Rees - 8th December 2023 - 08:39

1Spatial, the global provider of geospatial software and solutions for improved data governance, announced the launch of 1Data Gateway for ArcGIS Pro.

1Data Gateway for ArcGIS Pro enables you to check, edit and submit data all within Esri ArcGIS Pro. It brings spatial and non-spatial data validation, analytics, processing, submission, and enhancement all to your Desktop GIS.

Utilise a centralised rules catalogue and analyse data quality within your existing editing tools with a simple and self-contained workflow. Ensure your data meets company, industry or regulatory standards by applying centralised quality checks. Submit data for integration all within your established editing tool with no need to export it, package it up and re-upload in another system.

1Data Gateway for ArcGIS Pro brings the power of 1Spatial’s leading geospatial products into the Esri editing environment. Customers already familiar with the capabilities of 1Integrate and 1Data Gateway can now leverage their existing rules libraries in Esri ArcGIS Pro. Those with highly customised, code-based ArcMap solutions can migrate to ArcGIS Pro and leverage a configured rules-based approach with automated data quality checks.

“1Data Gateway for ArcGIS Pro is the result of listening to the needs of our customers who intensively use our tools and who will benefit greatly from being able to validate and submit their data without the need to leave their editing environment. This has been especially well received by our customers with critical infrastructure projects, such emergency services and NG9-1-1, where it is crucial that data is up-to-date and processing time is minimised.”


“We've enjoyed a great working relationship with Esri for many years, resulting in a really successful partnership. Integration points with the ArcGIS platform are so important to us, as we work towards that common goal - giving customers what they actually need to do their job effectively. We've talked previously about that integration being with 1Data Gateway (e.g. with ArcGIS Dashboards), 1Integrate (e.g. ArcGIS Feature Services) and 1Capture (e.g. authentication with ArcGIS Online/Portal). Now we have extended it further for Esri users, into desktop, with our latest integration with ArcGIS Pro.”


1Spatial ArcGIS Pro 1200

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