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Xth International Scientific and Technical Confere

By [email protected] - 14th October 2010 - 14:36

âFrom Imagery to Map: Digital Photogrammetric TechnologiesâThe Xth International Scientific and Technical Conference âFrom Imagery to Map: Digital Photogrammetric Technologiesâ is successfully completed.
This year the Conference was held in Italy at one of the most picturesque Italian resorts of Odyssey coast in the SUMMIT hotel near the Gaeta town, which is located 100 km away from Naples and 120 km from Rome. Impressing scenery, fresh sea breeze has created homely atmosphere and excellent conditions for the fruitful work.The Conference organizer was Racurs company (Moscow, Russia) supported by the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS), Russian GIS-Association.This year NP AGP âMeridianâ (Russia) came out as the general sponsor to the Conference. Official sponsors to support the Conference were: VisionMap (Israel), Consulting Center Zeminform of the State University of Land Management (Russia), GeoEye (USA), JSC LIMB (Russia).Information support was provided by the leading commercial media in Russia and other countries: scientific and technical magazine â Geoprofi, GIS-Info, GeoTop â industry specialized catalogue, scientific-technical journal âInformation and Spaceâ, magazine of geodesy, cartography and GIS - GeoInformatics, world magazine for geomatics - GIM International, international magazine - âGEO:Connexionâ, MundoGeo â internet portal in Latin America, Spain and Portugal, as well as the âGeomaticsâ magazine. The Conference was attended by representatives of the leading GIS media â GIM International and Geoinformatics.The conference provided ample opportunities for discussion, learning and sharing experience in the field of digital photogrammetric technology and remote sensing. The conference was attended by over 100 managers and specialists from industrial enterprises and academic institutions from 19 countries who are using the RS data and photogrammetric processing in their daily practice. The Conference format traditionally included plenary sessions, business meetings, seminars, as well as âopen collarâ part.Representatives from 9 countries delivered their reports at the Conference, while total number of reports amounted to 34. Conference was opened by Victor N.Adrov, Managing Director of the Racurs company, who welcomed the participants in Russian, English and Italian. The mayor of Gaeta â Mr. Sindaco Antonio Raimondi and chief editor of the Italian magazine âGEOmediaâ, professor of topography of the University of Rome â Renzo Carlucci also gave speech of welcome continuing the opening of the Conference.The first day of the Conference devoted to regional and corporate projects and general issues of cartography and photogrammetry, to digital cameras and equipment for aerial surveying and to the digital photogrammetric systems. Experts of Racurs company spoke on the new features of PHOTOMOD DPS.The second day began with the reports about processing of aerial data, which were presented by the representatives of Italy, Greece and Russia. The next large set of reports was devoted to Earth imaging from space.Representatives of Russian companies focused their presentations on the usage of remote sensing data in various regional projects, talked about different approaches to space monitoring and experience of creating geoportals using the satellite data.The last set of reports, presented by representatives of Russia and Bulgaria, was devoted to processing of space remote sensing data. The third day was traditionally devoted to master classes and numerous business meetings. New features of PHOTOMOD system in automation of processes of photogrammetric processing were demonstrated at the master class.During the break between the master-classes professor A.Gruen (Switzerland) made a presentation about 3D modeling of Pompeii using air photos, terrestrial laser scanner data and close-range digital images.Along with the busy commercial program, the guests had an interesting cultural one. The conference participants could learn a lot about Italian traditions and culture during tours to Rome, Vatican, Naples and Pompeii.We thank all our partners and colleagues for their participation in the Xth Anniversary International Scientific Conference âFrom imagery to map: Digital Photogrammetric Technologiesâ and look forward to next time!Detailed review about the Conference you can find at the Web site below.

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